Housing Accommodation Request Procedure

Stevens is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of College life, including residential life. The Office of Disability Services (ODS) will work in conjunction with the Office of Residential and Dining Services to coordinate accessible campus housing for students with disabilities that impact one’s living situation.

Housing Accommodation Information

Please be advised that requests for particular housing assignments based on a student’s preference, rather than need, for a particular type of living environment or location will not be honored. (e.g. A student with ADHD or a learning disability seeking a single room to serve as a quiet, undisturbed place to study represents a preference, but not a necessity). Students who need to study in a quiet environment can have their study needs met in areas such as the library or other quiet study areas on campus. Accordingly, single room accommodations are reserved for individuals whose documentation illustrates clear and substantial needs, and for whom a standard housing assignment with a roommate is not viable.The ODS engages in an interactive process with each student and reviews requests for accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis.Once appropriate accommodations are determined, the ODS communicates the approved accommodations to the Office of Residential and Dining Services, and the Office of Residential and Dining Services an assignment based on room availabilityIn order to request a housing accommodation, please follow directions below, determined by your RETURNING or NEW student status with the ODS.

Request for Housing Accommodations for Students Already Registered with ODS: 

If you HAVE REQUESTED accommodations of any type while at Stevens by using the Accommodate system (housing, academic or other), follow these steps:

  1. Log into Accommodate directly and complete a semester request 

  2. Complete a supplemental request and choose housing as your accommodations request

    • The reasoning for your request will be your personal statement. Please be clear and specific.

  3. Submit updated verifying disability documentation, if needed. Submit documentation for a new or changed disability status ONLY!

    • Note: If your housing accommodation is for a new disability category than prior accommodations you will be asked for documentation from a treating provider.

    • Review Documentation Guidelines on Stevens’ Office of Disability Services website.

Requests for Housing Accommodations for Students Not Yet Registered with ODS:

If you have NEVER requested accommodations of any type while at Stevens (housing, academic or other), follow these steps:

  1. Complete an online request form

  2. Submit required verifying disability documentation. Review Documentation Guidelines on Stevens’ Office of Disability Services website

Important Things to Keep in Mind for Housing Accommodation RequestsHousing accommodations are only valid for one academic year (August- May). Students are required to submit a NEW request each year during your Housing Selection process to the ODS. The housing accommodation request due date for incoming first year students is June 4, 2023. The housing accommodation request due date for all other students who are returning to Stevens is February 12, 2023.A separate, distraction-free living environment accommodation is not a reasonable request. If a student needs to live or sleep in a near silent environment, we cannot guarantee this environment. By virtue of the shared facilities, resources, and number of people living under one roof in the residence halls, a single room will not necessarily provide a quieter, more distraction-free space than a standard shared room.Stevens will not provide a student with a different bed than the one in the room the student was assigned to. Stevens can remove the existing bed from the room if it is deemed medically necessary so a student can bring their own bed.Stevens cannot guarantee a dust or allergen free environment.Students who require the services of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) must follow the Policy on Personal Care Attendants for Students with Disabilities.


Questions regarding: Disability process, disability documentation, disability information to submit, contact:

Phillip Gehman, Director of Disability Services
Tel: 201-216-3748
[email protected]

Questions regarding: Housing, Floor Plans, Leased Housing Locations, Housing Fees, contact:

Residential and Dining Services
Tel: 201-216-5128
[email protected]