H-1B Application Checklist

The H-1B classification allows foreign nationals to work temporarily in the United States in a “specialty occupation.” The regulatory definition of “specialty occupation,” eligibility criteria, and processing times for the H-1B category can be found on the ISSS website. This checklist is designed to facilitate the collection of documents required for the H-1B filing.

Submit the Following Documents to ISSS

Upload to the ISSS Intranet . Documents will be reviewed to determine H1B eligibility. Once a prevailing wage is determined, if the employee’s actual wage is either equivalent to or higher than the prevailing wage, ISSS will file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with DOL. The DOL processing time for an LCA may take up to 30 days, more or less. In conjunction with the LCA filing, the job will be posted in two conspicuous locations at Stevens for 10 consecutive days.

Government Filing Fees

(as of 12/23/2020):

  • $460 - H-1B Filing fee (paid by the school/department)

  • $500 – Antifraud Fee – Initial H-1B only (paid by the school/department)

  • $2,500 - Premium Processing Fee – Optional for expedited processing (paid by the school/department)

  • $370 and $85 - Change of status/extension of stay application for dependents only who are in the U.S. (paid by the scholar/employee)

Legal fees will be billed to the school/department by the Office of General Counsel.

Note for H-1B extensions: Employee should contact their department administrator or supervisor no later than 8 months prior to the expiration of their current H-1B status to start the H-1B extension process.