Graduate Conference Funding

About Graduate Conference Funding

Conference funding for the Fall 2022 semester will begin on October 1, 2022. 

Graduate Conference Funding (GCF) is financed by Graduate Student Life with the goal of enabling graduate students to present their research at key conferences and exhibitions in their fields and/or to attend conferences to learn more about their field of study. 

Applicants are encouraged to seek funds from all other sources, including the conference where they will be attending or presenting, their advisor, their department, and/or their college. GCF should be considered a partial and supplementary source of support as awards range up to $500 per student. 

Professional associations that host conferences often offer reduced registration rates for student members. Students are encouraged to join professional associations, at their own expense, for their professional development and to help defray the cost of conference participation. Graduate Conference Funding will only reimburse for conference attendance up to the cost of student member registration rate. 

Ph.D. students may apply for Graduate Conference Funding twice during their academic career at Stevens. Master's students may apply for Graduate Conference Funding once during their academic career at Stevens. Students can only apply for Graduate Conference Funding once per academic year. **Please note that summer conferences are not supported by this funding. 

Please be advised that Graduate Conference Funding is provided via reimbursement and a check is mailed to a local U.S. address. 

Questions? Please email Graduate Student Life at [email protected]

Graduate Conference Funding