First-Generation and Pell Grant Students

Students study together on laptops

First-generation students are trailblazers! If you are the first in your family to attend college or are using a Pell Grant to help finance your degree, Stevens Institute of Technology welcomes you and is committed to nurturing you throughout your academic career. 

Through the Office of Undergraduate Academics, Stevens is dedicated to providing additional academic support for students who identify as first-generation or are Pell Grant recipients. First-generation can have different meanings, but at Stevens, the term refers to students who are the first in their families to attend college. Pell Grant students are awarded aid based on financial need, with many recipients coming from under-represented backgrounds. If you are a first-generation or Pell Grant student and would like to be connected to a rapidly growing community that will empower you to be successful, contact the Office of Undergraduate Academics. All faculty and staff who identify as first-generation or were Pell Grant recipients are also welcome and encouraged to reach out.

What does being First Gen mean to you?

Brianna Garland"Being First Gen means to me that I am creating a path for myself to succeed and finding new opportunities on my own with Stevens here to support me every step of the way."

Brianna Garland

Computer Engineering
Class of 2022

Darlene_Martinez-2"Being First Gen means I don’t let my circumstances determine my future. I’m doing something no one in my family has done before, and I will bring positive changes to my community and the world."

Darlene Martinez

Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2023

Daniel Partika"I am proud to be First Gen because one day I will be able to give back to my parents for all the sacrifices they made. I'm happy to be an example for my brother and make my family proud."

Daniel Partika

Computer Science
Class of 2024

Ivy_Robalino"Being First Gen means having to figure out college on your own until you find your support system. Looking back, my advice is: find your supporters who want to see you succeed and ask for help!"

Ivy Robalino

Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2022