Federal Loan Entrance & Exit Counseling

If you’ve received a federal loan to fund your Stevens education, you’re required by law to complete these short, online counseling sessions that help you understand your responsibilities and obligations as a borrower.

Entrance Counseling for Your Federal Student Loans

You only need to complete entrance counseling when you borrow a federal loan for the first time. If you have borrowed a federal loan in the past to pay for college at Stevens, you do not have to complete entrance counseling again. Entrance counseling takes about 30 minutes and is done online. Before you begin, you should have the following information nearby:


Exit Counseling for Your Federal Direct Student Loans

If you borrowed a federal student loan at any time while attending Stevens, you must complete exit counseling before you graduate, withdraw from Stevens or drop below half-time enrollment. This short, 30-minute session is required by federal law and also gives you important information to prepare you for repaying your loan. To complete exit counseling, you will need:

  • FSA ID

  • Names, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for:

    • Your next of kin

    • Two references who live in the U.S.

    • Your future employer (if known)


After you complete your Direct Loan Exit Counseling click here for Direct Loan repayment plan information.

Note: If you have a Perkins Loan, you are required to complete an additional exit counseling session through our Perkins Loan servicer, Heartland ECSI. Our ECSI school code is A55.