Group Members


Dr. E.H. Yang
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Visiting Research Scholar

Dr. Youngsoo Kim (Fall 2022-current)

Graphene Square, USA
Research: Quantum device applications of 2D materials    

 Postdoctoral Scholar

Abdus S Sarkar (Spring 2022 - current)                                                       
Research: 2D Materials - spintronic applications

Ph.D. Candidates & Students

Greg Hader (Fall 2010 - current)
Part time (Researcher at the U.S. Army DEVCOM)
Research: 2D resonator [Interdisciplinary Program]

Siwei Chen (Fall 2017 - current)
Research: Magnetic 2D materials and devices

Zheqi Li (Spring 2021 - current)
Research: Bio applications of nano-materials

Mengqi Fang (Fall 2021- current)
Research: TMD growth and spintronic applications

Zitao Tang (Fall 2021 - current)
Research: 2D material-based electronic devices

Master's Students

Zahra Qanbari (Summer 2022 - current)
Research: 2D materials synthesis

Tianyi Liu (Summer 2022- current)
Research: TMD growth

Undergraduate Students

Douglas McDonough (Pinnacle Scholar)
Freshman (Class of 2025)
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Michael Clark (Pinnacle Scholar)
Freshman (Class of 2025)
Department of chemical Engineering

Audrey Heaberlin (Pinnacle Scholar)
Junior (Class of 2023)
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Sarah Erickson
Sophomore (Class of 2024)
Department of Electrical Engineering