Dual Enrollment Program for New Jersey High School Students


The application for the Summer 2024 Dual Enrollment Program is currently unavailable. If you're seeking alternative options, explore our Pre-college Program at Stevens.

The Dual Enrollment Program at Stevens Institute of Technology allows rising high school juniors and seniors who reside in New Jersey to enroll in a pre-selected college course at no cost to the student. Dual Enrollment, supported by a Dare to Dream Grant, enables high school students, especially underrepresented minorities and students from underserved communities, to decide if STEM studies are right for them before they begin college. 

Credits earned from Dual Enrollment Program classes are transferable and can be applied toward a program of study at Stevens. Transferability to other institution depends on the institution. Dual Enrollment offers a number of benefits to select high school students:

  • An opportunity to explore college studies while still in high school

  • The ability to complete a college degree more quickly

  • A chance to sample the college experience

  • The potential to save on tuition

  • Grades earned become part of the student’s permanent college transcript

  • Credits earned may be transferred to a four-year college

  • Classes offer a lower student-instructor ratio

  • Students may explore fields of study that help them choose a major later

At the conclusion of the program, students are encouraged to apply to Stevens. Those who are accepted by Stevens will receive support throughout their college studies and will be connected with scholarship opportunities.

For further information, contact Jennifer Rodriguez, Assistant Director, Dual Enrollment Program, at [email protected] or 201.216.5499.

Program Details

  • Students must be a current sophomore or junior

  • Sixty high school students will be accepted per year

  • Courses are entry-level college courses 

  • All courses will be offered online synchronously with in-person class sessions. Recordings of the lectures will also be provided.

  • Students can only take one class each year. (See course list below.)

  • Advising and mentoring services will be provided to students to help them achieve academic success 

  • All accepted students will have an opportunity to visit the Stevens campus for a day, guided by staff of the Dual Enrollment Program, and will receive college application advice from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Application Process

Prior to completing an application, please review courses and schedule to make sure the program is a good fit for you. Discuss the program with your parents and your high school administrator or counselor. Use the links below to complete an application, sign the student agreement and expectation form and ask a parent or guardian to review the parent agreement and expectation form. Submit all three documents by April 1 to be considered for the Dual Enrollment Program.

Students must have an email address to complete the application.

Materials required to complete and submit the application

  • Essay

  • High school transcript

  • School administrator’s recommendation letter

All students accepted into the program will receive notice via email no later than April 14, 2023.

Please note:

  • Stevens expect students and parents to agree to the standards detailed in the agreement and expectation forms.

  • Students must have access to reliable internet and a computer or  laptop to attend classes virtually and complete assignments inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Students must have the motivation to attend and complete classes successfully.

  • The program is designed to inspire students to study in STEM fields after high school graduation. Therefore, students are expected to have an interest in pursuing a STEM degree.

Application Forms

To apply, click on the Program Application Form and submit the application with your essay and Student and Parent Agreement and Expectation Form. Forms can be downloaded here and attached to your application.




Key Application and Program Dates

  • Application Available: February 15

  • Application due: April 1

  • Acceptance notification: by April 14

  • If accepted please confirm acceptance by May 1

If you apply but are no longer interested, please email Jennifer Rodriguez, Assistant Director, at [email protected]. If you have been accepted but choose not to attend or complete the program, please email Jennifer Rodriguez by May 15 to avoid a W (withdrawn) on your transcript.

2023 Courses and Schedule

Principles of Management – BT 100
Tuesdays and Thursdays  
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
5/18/23 – 7/10/23 
Instructor Richard Dool 

Biology and Biotechnology – BIO 281
Tuesdays and Thursdays 
5:00 pm to 7:30pm 
5/18/23 – 7/10/23 
Instructor Brunella Taddeo and Denver Baptiste

Introduction to Programming & Algorithmic Thinking – ENGR 116
Tuesdays & Wednesdays 
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
5/18/23 – 7/10/23 
Instructor for Tuesdays: Mukund Iyengar - Lecture 
Instructor for Wednesdays: TBD (TA) - Recitation 

How Courses Transfer to Majors at Stevens


  • *BIO -281: Science elective 

  • BT 100: General elective 

  • ENGR 116: Major requirement 


  • *BIO - 281: Science elective 

  • BT 100: General elective 

  • ENGR 116: Major requirement 


  • *BIO- 281: Science elective/General elective 

  • BT 100: Major requirement 

  • ENGR 116: General elective 


  • *BIO - 281: Science elective 

  • BT 100: General elective 

  • ENGR 116: General elective 

*If all science electives are met, then will count as a general elective.