Dr. Talithia Williams

Dr. Talithia Williams

Dr. Talithia Williams

Beyond COVID 19 - Eliminating Health Disparities through Patient Empowerment

COVID 19 is arguably the single greatest global disruption of the past century.  When we consider additional factors such as race, gender, income and geography, various populations face higher rates of disease and mortality. Data is essential for understanding social determinants of health and provide suggestions for improvement.  As the world continues to recover, we have an opportunity to address historical health inequities and eliminate health disparities.  By using a data driven approach, we can develop interventions that empower patients to take ownership of their health data as we reimagine new opportunities in a post-COVID era.

Dr. Talithia Williams is a host of the PBS series “NOVA Wonders”, a big data expert, groundbreaking professor, and passionate STEM/STEAM advocate. Her latest book, Power in Numbers: The Rebel Women of Mathematics reflects Williams’ passion to re-brand the field of mathematics as anything but dry, technical, or male dominated. Renowned for her popular TED Talk, “Own Your Body’s Data,” she advocates for all of us to deploy data as a way of taking charge of our own health.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 3:30pm

UCC TechFlex Auditorium

This talk will also be live streamed via Zoom webinar.

Hosted by: The Office of the President/Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Office of the Provost, and Division of Student Affairs