Doctoral Recruitment Weekend Forms

2024 Graduate Recruitment Reimbursement - Info

Review this document for details regarding Reimbursement Eligibility and the steps you are required to take prior to submitting your request.

Student Travel Information Form

This form will assist the Finance Department in determining the taxability of your trip.

Form W-9¹

This form is used to collect tax-related information to report payments to the IRS.

Form W-8BEN²

This form is used by non-U.S. visitors to claim beneficial tax treatment when receiving income from U.S. sources.


This form is used to report all expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement.

Wire Transfer Form

Attendees who live outside of the U.S. are required to have their reimbursement disbursed via wire transfer.

ACH Request Form (optional)

Attendees who live within the U.S. have the option to receive their reimbursement as a direct deposit instead of a check in the mail. If you are interested in this option, please complete an Automated Clearing House (ACH) form.

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