Course Selection & Registration

Before each semester, students are encouraged to review the enrollment and refund deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar and the requirements for their program listed in the relevant version of the Academic Catalog.

Continuing students will be able to register the final week of March for the Fall semester and the final week of October for the Spring semester. Continuing students are encouraged to meet with their Faculty Advisor prior to registration.

New students will receive a list of recommended courses for which they should register in their first semester. Those messages will be sent by May 1 for students joining in the Fall semester and by November 1 for students joining in the Spring semester.

Below you will find links to step-by-step instructions for how to find open course sections, how to register for classes, and more. Please note that you need to be logged into MyStevens to view the links below.

Workday Student Course Registration User Guides

Registration Support

The Office of Graduate Education hosts virtual office hours for students who need assistance selecting courses and/or registering for courses. Upcoming Registration Support sessions are listed below.

  • April 11: 9:00–11:00 am EST

  • May 2: 9:00–11:00 am EST

  • May 6: 1:00–3:00 pm EST

  • May 16: 1:00-3:00 pm EST

Students can also join Graduate Academics & Student Success’ daily Zoom office hours (Monday through Friday, 10AM-3PM) to discuss any registration matters, using this link.

Student Support Network

At all stages of a student’s academic career, they are encouraged to be active and engaged with faculty, staff, and administrators who can provide guidance on registration or course-related matters. Students can find the names of their faculty advisors, academic advisors, and relevant support staff on their Support Network on Workday. Please visit this page for step-by-step instructions on how to access this.