Business and Travel Expense Policy

The Policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and others who incur expenses while engaged in university business or related travel.  The Policy establishes responsibilities and guidelines for ensuring that travel and business expenses are valid, necessary, and in compliance with IRS, other government agency regulations and the policies of Stevens.  It pertains to travel and business expenses supported by any source of university funds including, but not limited to, central appropriations, designated funds, restricted gifts and endowment income, sponsored agreements, student organizations and plant funds.  Where sponsor, agency, or other regulations are more restrictive than prescribed by this Policy, the sponsor, agency, or other regulations will apply.

Stevens management expects its personnel to exercise good judgment in committing university funds.  The University's principal revenue sources are from students (tuition, board, and room), from donors (individuals, foundations, industry, etc.) and from research sponsors (federal, state, local government agencies, corporations, and foundations). Please refer to the policy document for the details.