Analytics and Information Security Laboratory

The mission of the Analytics and Information Secuity Lab (AISecLab) is to promote top-tier research on analytics and information security for complex systems, and to enrich education programs in related areas. The AISecLab aims to serve as the platform for interdisciplinary research, university-industry collaboration, cutting-edge knowledge dissemination and training.

AISecLab Members

Affiliated Members

Cristina Comaniciu

Stevens Institute of Technology

Yi Guo

Stevens Institute of Technology

Kevin Lu

Stevens Institute of Technology

Wenjia Li

New York Institute of Technology

Shaoshuai Mou

Purdue University

Sachin Shetty

Old Dominion University

Qiang Tang

University of Sydney

Chee-Wooj Ten

Michigan Technological University

Mehmet Can Vuran

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Jiawei Yuan

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Hong-Sheng Zhou

Virginia Commonwealth University

Current Projects