About Student Health Services


All currently registered Stevens undergraduate and graduate students are automatically eligible to use Student Health Services.

Hours and After-Hours care

Student Health Services (SHS) is available by appointment only Monday-Friday 9am-4pm except when the University is closed. Appointments can be web-booked online on the Healthy Stevens Portal (access the portal by going to my.stevens.edu) or by calling the main number 201-216-5678 during office hours. Students should call SHS in a timely manner to cancel appointments as the space can be given to another student in need of an appointment. Students can reach a Nurse for medical advice when Student Health Services is closed by calling the main number. Students may visit any of the local Urgent Care offices in Hoboken and surrounding areas when Student Health Services is closed.

* Student Health Service offers telehealth visits only when the University is operating under remote operations.

**Summer hours are limited. Online scheduling is not available in the summer and students must call to make an appointment.

*SHS does not charge a "no-show fee" for missed appointments, however patients who arrive late for an appointment will be required to reschedule and those who do not show for web-booked appointments twice in a row (without prior cancelation) will be unable to web-book for the remaining semester and must call for an appointment.


Student Health Services offers diagnosis and treatment of episodic and acute medical illnesses, pre-college entrance and travel physicals, prescription refills (including oral contraception and PrEP), laboratory testing on site and through Lab Corp (including bloodwork), immunizations, STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, and first aid.

Health Fees and Insurance

There is no charge for treatment at Student Health Services. Students are responsible for the cost of laboratory tests at SHS or off campus, medications not available in Student Health Services, and expenses incurred when referred to an off-campus physician or hospital. Stevens requires all enrolled students to have Health Insurance. All students will be automatically charged for the Student Health Plan unless a waiver is signed (this is done through Student Accounts and can be accomplished online).

*Services that are incurred at Student Health Services are to be paid at the time of service using only Duck Bills, no exception. Please note, there is no charge for students with Aetna Student Health Insurance. If you have private insurance, please go into your Healthy Stevens Portal for a copy of your receipt which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

-Flu Shot $20.00
-Rapid Flu A/B: $10.00
-Rapid Strep Group A: $10.00
-Rapid Mono Test: $10.00
-Binx Rapid STI Test: $65.00
-Covid Rapid Test: $10.00
-HIV Test: $20.00
-Pregnancy Test: $5.00
-Emergency Contraception (Plan B): $12.00
-Ceftriazone Injection: $5.00
-Physical Exams (pre-college and travel): $75.00
-Immunizations: MMR $100, Tdap $50, Hep B $35- $75


An electronic medical record is started, maintained, and stored for every student who is registered at Stevens. All health and medical information is confidential and is not available to anyone outside of the medical staff without the prior written consent of the student involved. There are two exceptions to this rule: certain infectious diseases must be reported to the Department of Public Health under the requirements of the law, and documents must be surrendered upon the receipt of a court-ordered subpoena.


The Stevens Student Health Services inventories several medications that are available at no extra charge to the students. The student is responsible for all charges incurred outside Student Health Services when given a prescription for medication that is filled at an outside pharmacy.


Referrals are made at Student Health Services when appropriate. Students are responsible for charges incurred outside Student Health Services.

Illness and Class Excuses

Student Health Services does not provide students with written class excuses. Students should speak with their individual faculty members about missing classes.


Students who are positive for Covid-19 must report this to SHS via email for instructions on what to do and about missing class and isolation guidelines. Emails can be sent to [email protected]. If students who test positive for Covid-19 live on campus they must notify their RA immediately to move to isolation. SHS follows Quarantine and Isolation guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. If students who reside on campus have a permanent address that allows them to go home without taking public transportation, they must isolate at home. If students cannot go home, Stevens has limited emergency housing for various reasons that are subject to availability. Students will isolate in place, in their own room, if they cannot go home or if emergency housing is unavailable. If a student tests positive for Covid-19 during hours SHS is closed, an email should be sent to Student Health Services and the RA (when applicable). The email will be answered the next business day.

Staff/Faculty report positive results to [email protected]


Emergency Medical Intervention and Protocol

To report medical emergencies, telephone campus police at 201.216.3911. They will respond immediately. Serious illness and injuries will be transported to a local hospital via ambulance.


Dr. Kyle Weisholtz, DNP, APN-BC, Director of Student Health Services

Katherine Moore, MSN, APN-C Advanced Practice Nurse

Kristin Donadio, MSN, APN-C Advanced Practice Nurse

Alyssa Lugtu, BSN, Registered Nurse

Vanessa Benitez, Medical Administrative Assistant