Professor Ramirez-Marquez Among Most Impactful Authors in Reliability Engineering

Stevens professor Jose Ramirez-Marquez has been one of the leading research contributors to the prominent international journal Reliability Engineering and System Safety (RESS) during the 21st century, according to a study published In November 2022.

Ramirez-Marquez was published 43 times during the period. The study used thorough informetric and bibliometric analysis to capture publishing data from the years 2001-2021. The study broke the numbers into three time periods: 2001-07, 2008-14 and 2015-21. Ramirez-Marquez, associate professor and division director of Enterprise Science and Engineering in the School of Systems & Enterprises, was published nine times between 2001-07, 22 times between 2008-14 and 12 times between 2015-21. Only four contributors were published more between 2008-14.

"This is what scholarly research impact is all about – a constant series of publications that builds a research portfolio in collaboration with my students and research colleagues," said Ramirez-Marquez.

Two publications that Ramirez-Marquez co-authored were among the top works cited by others. A review of definitions and measures of systems resilience, which was published in 2016, was cited 587 times, the sixth-most cited publication since 2001 and the most recent among the top 10 cited works. Generic metrics and quantitative approaches for system resilience as a function of time, published in 2012, was cited 390 times, 12th most.

When converted to average annual citations, A review of definitions and measures of systems resilience ranked second among all publications at 97.83 per year. Generic metrics and quantitative approaches for system resilience as a function of time was cited 39 times per year, 13th most.

At an institutional level, Ramirez-Marquez’s efforts helped Stevens achieve a ranking of 25th among all institutions worldwide and seventh among American schools.

Dr. Ramirez-Marquez, a former Fulbright Scholar, holds degrees from Rutgers University in industrial engineering (Ph.D. and M.Sc.) and statistics (M.Sc.), and from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in actuarial science.

Learn more about Dr. Ramirez-Marquez on his Stevens biography. For more about Reliability Engineering and System Safety, you can visit RESS’s website.