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SSE Ph.D. Students Work Through the Pandemic to Discuss Research

Students overcome remote challenges to continue important research sessions.

The School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) doctoral students and guests met for the final session of Spring 2020 Ph.D. Student Seminar. Student co-organizers Jordan Stern and Ambrosio Valencia-Romero adapted the seminar to an online platform for the remaining Wednesdays of the Spring 2020 semester. 

The final presenters for the year were three new doctoral students: Safa El Kefi, Josué Tapia-Tamayo and Rahul Islam, who introduced attendees to their backgrounds and their research areas and topics of interest.

“I have been very impressed with the turnout each week,” said Stern, adding that attendance was on a par with previous on-campus sessions. 

In addition to providing students with an opportunity to receive feedback on their research, Valencia-Romero noted that the seminar can help doctoral students improve their presentation and public speaking skills. 

“It was one of the most gratifying experiences in my doctoral journey at the School of Systems and Enterprises,” said Valencia-Romero. “It helped me not only in developing stronger relationships with peers, faculty and staff members but also in improving the way I communicate and collaborate as a professional.”

The Ph.D. seminar is an opportunity for doctoral students to practice presenting to peers and guests who are generally knowledgeable within the engineering community. They learn how to explain their work in a non-expert setting. 

The SSE Ph.D. Student Seminars will resume in the fall 2020 semester.