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SSE Celebrates Undergraduate Excellence in Academics, Research with Annual Awards

SSE underscores the academic and interpersonal accomplishments of nine undergraduate students who have made their mark on the school during the 2020-2021 academic year.

With the conclusion of the 2020-2021 academic year comes the School of Systems & Enterprises’ (SSE’s) undergraduate student awards honoring high-level academic achievement across courses and capstone projects. 

This year, SSE has selected nine recipients across its annual awards categories and is proud to announce the following 2021 undergraduate student award winners:

The Humphreys/Ennis/Lesser Award

The Humphreys/Ennis/Lesser Award is given in memory of three distinguished Stevens graduates who were pioneers in establishing and promoting the field of engineering economics. Awarded to the graduating seniors with the highest grade point averages in the E355 Engineering Economics core course.

Parker Petroff-Rims
Joan M. Schwiebert 
The Frederick Winslow Taylor Award

Awarded to the graduating senior who did the most to promote Engineering Management (EM) in the undergraduate program at Stevens. This award is given in memory of the most influential thinker in modern management theory and application; in short, it is awarded to the senior who followed in the steps of Fredrick Winslow Taylor.

Emily F. Weeks
The John Mihalasky Award

Given in memory of Dr. John Mihalasky, the long-time director of the Bachelor of Engineering in EM program and coordinator of the EM Senior Design courses at Stevens. The John Mihalasky Award is given annually to the Senior Design group in Engineering Management who has distinguished themselves through the research of their project.

Group name: EMPACT

Johnny J. Aza Jr.
George L. Ibuna
Jaeanne T. Vicencio
Andrew P. Yager

Read about EMPACT's Senior Design project.

The Hans J. Lang Award for Excellence in Accounting and Business Analysis

Awarded annually to the member of the Junior class in EM who has distinguished themself in EM301. This award is given in memory of Hans Joachim Lang, Stevens class of 1934.

Kayleigh A. Kubit
AESM Outstanding TA Award

Awarded annually to the best TA graduating from the school in May, as determined by the undergraduate AESM executive board.

Fernanda de Oliveira Capela