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A Matter of Privacy

Maggie Gloeckle M.S. ’95 thrives in an ever-changing data-protection field

“You often see articles talking about how data is the new oil,” says Maggie Gloeckle M.S. ’95, associate general counsel, head of global privacy at A+E Networks. Companies, services and governments are collecting, analyzing and storing more information than ever before. But, as with oil, the more data you collect, the more likely a spill. Leaders in consumer privacy like Gloeckle are mindful of how data is used, as well as the efforts required to protect it or prevent misuse or a breach.

At A+E, Gloeckle is responsible for a global program overseeing data privacy and data protection, developing policies, assessing risk and the impact of regulations, as well as the changing needs of the business – all while keeping her finger on the pulse of new laws around the globe.

“You don't know what's coming, and that's what I find so exciting about the ever-changing field of data privacy,” says Gloeckle, who joined the company in 2017 and counts “Tiny House Nation” and the History Channel among her favorite A+E properties.

Gloeckle began her career not in data privacy but telecommunications within financial services. Under the guidance of a valued mentor, Leigh Reynolds, at Bloomberg L.P., she volunteered for a research opportunity which led her to pursue a master’s in telecommunications management at Stevens.

Later, while at Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., she developed an interest in data privacy. The multidisciplinary nature of the field provided her an opportunity to leverage her Stevens education, as well as her law degree, MBA and professional certifications from UCLA, Georgetown University and George Washington University.

“I got the bug,” she says. “I knew the technical side but wanted to learn more about the legal impact, and I wanted to find a way to tie it all together. Over time, I built a toolkit of different skills.”

A certified information privacy professional, information privacy manager, information privacy technologist and data privacy solutions engineer, Gloeckle is a leader in her field with expertise in all facets of the space, from technology and business to law and ethics. She co-authored articles in the Association of Corporate Counsel Docket and is a fellow of information privacy at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). As part of IAPP’s research advisory board, she helps develop the organization’s research agenda and connects with law and policy makers, as well as academic institutions.

Gloeckle now shares her expertise with Stevens as a member of the management board of advisers for the Graduate Management Program. She provides feedback on curriculum, consulting projects and industry developments in addition to mentoring two graduate students.

At A+E Networks, Gloeckle values her colleagues and the organization’s “culture of kindness.”

“There are so many creative, bright and passionate colleagues developing and delivering A+E’s content. It takes incredible teams behind the scenes, from the programming team, operations [staff] who ensure content is on the air, to those who manage our digital properties – and of course, members of our legal team,” Gloeckle says. “It is a great place to work.”