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Building a Pathway to Success

Gareth Maritz '23 has always been passionate about soccer, so it's not surprising that he learned about the Stevens Institute of Technology through his love of the sport.  

A native of Hinsdale, Ill., Maritz met Men's Head Soccer Coach Dale Jordan during a soccer camp in high school. Jordan saw the potential in Maritz and told him all about the exciting opportunities that would be available to him at the university. Intrigued, Maritz started doing his own research and quickly fell in love with how close the campus was to New York City and how Stevens would help him get out of his comfort zone to take on new challenges and opportunities.  

Breaking out of that comfort zone included pursuing a bachelor's degree in business technology. "I didn't actually know much about technology," Maritz shared candidly. In fact, he had very different career aspirations growing up. "I've thought about becoming a lawyer since I was in middle school."  

So, what prompted this technological focus before a career in law? Maritz explained that it came from recognizing how integral technology has become in all our lives. "In the world we live in, technology is a part of everyday life, regardless of what career you're in." He explains how in the legal field, lawyers are increasingly using AI to review thousands of pages of legal documents. "In order to leverage a technology like that responsibly and to its fullest potential, you don't need to create the AI itself, but you do have to understand how that technology works and what its capabilities are,” he explains.  

He also shared that a degree from the School of Business would provide him with valuable, transferable skills to serve him no matter where his career would take him. Reflecting on his time at Stevens, he says that has held true. "In classes, you learn how to become a stronger presenter and how to effectively work and communicate with others." 

Maritz has juggled the demands of his classes, soccer, studying for the LSAT and other activities. He has been named to the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) Fall Academic Honor Roll and the Dean's List throughout his college career. Successfully managing such a demanding schedule has been no small task. He credits time management, discipline and a supportive community to his success. From coaches who reminded him that school comes first to friends who would study with him in the library, he says, "having people I could rely on emotionally made all the difference." 

In the classroom, people have made all the difference too. He says professors don't just teach subjects, they explain the real-world applications of every lesson and tool. “They really care about you.” His classmates have also made a lasting impression on him and the importance of thinking beyond your own beliefs. "You're exposed to so many diverse perspectives that push you to reconsider your own views." Maritz’s value of diverse perspectives prompted him to assist Associate Professor Wei Zheng with the research that helped establish the Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

As Maritz's time at Stevens comes to a close, he plans to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer by attending Harvard Law School this fall. “Undergrad is the time to put yourself out there, try new things and meet new people.”