Service Activities

On-Campus Service Opportunities

Participate in various activities anytime between 12:30pm-3:00pm in the Babbio Center. Sign-up at check-in in the University Center between 9:30-10:30AM or sign-in at the Babbio Center from 12:30-3PM.

Grace Healthcare Services

It is our belief that the delivery of hospice care can be taken to a new level of excellence by those who understand the privilege of what it means to serve the terminally ill. Grace Healthcare Services was founded by a group of hospice professionals who value that opportunity and privilege. We are dedicated to advancing the quality of hospice care in the communities that we serve. Our promise is to utilize the inherent expertise of our staff to educate consumers and serve patients and families with the highest level of dignity and grace. 

Service Activity: Make cards to be delivered to hospice care patients.   

Love for our Elders 

Love for Our Elders includes an amazing team and more than 50,000 volunteers across 70 countries working together to fight loneliness with love. Since 2013, we’ve mailed hundreds of thousands of thousands of letters to senior communities and created a storybook of inspiring seniors. LFOE seeks to facilitate an easy outlet for connecting with older adults who may feel alone, support seniors across socioeconomic and regional backgrounds, fight ageism and promote intergenerational sharing to humanize elders and bridge age barriers. 

Service Activity: Write letters to the elderly whose information is provided.   

Operation Sandwich 

Service Activity: Make sandwiches to donate to St. Matthew’s Trinity Lunchtime Ministries and the Hoboken Shelter.  

Hygiene Kits

Service Activity: Build hygiene kits of needed supplies to be donated to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.

Donation Drop-off and Sorting

Service Activity: Drop-off or organize donations for various community organizations.
Needed Items: 

  • New Clothing: baby and preemie socks, adult socks, underwear, undershirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts  

  • Cleaning Supplies: spray cleaners, paper towels, detergents, sponges, etc. 

  • New Toiletries: bar soap, toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, sanitary napkins 

  • Gently Used Housewares: pots/pans, dishes, silverware 

  • Unopened Diapers and Wipes:  children and adult 

  • New Towels and Washcloths 

  • Crib and twin sheets 

  • Curtains 

  • Pantry Items:  shelf-stable unopened pantry items (no glass), pasta, rice, cooking oil 

  • Books, CDs, DVDs (no periodicals, advanced uncorrected proofs or encyclopedias) 

Donations will benefit: The Hoboken Homeless Shelter, Hoboken Community Center Pantry, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Oasis Haven for Women and Children, Round2Resources, Sharing Place Food Pantry, Symposia Bookstore, York Street Project, and other local non-profit organizations. 

Off-Campus Service Opportunities in Hoboken

Spots limited. Registered attendees can sign-up to volunteer at check-in in the University Center on Tuesday between 9:30am-10:30am.

Hoboken Food Pantry & Community Center

The Hoboken Community Center Pantry is a community resource for supplemental food, hygiene and pet supplies in Hoboken, NJ and surrounding communities. The Pantry supports residents of the Hoboken Community Center Affordable Housing program and community members experiencing food insecurity or other hardships. 

Service Activity from 12 – 2pm at 1301 Washington St.: Volunteers to help organize deliveries and supplies. 

St. Matthew’s Trinity Lunchtime Ministries 

Lunchtime Ministry (LTM) was started in the 1970’s by the people of St. Matthew Trinity to provide a warm meal, hospitality, and community for our neighbors who are homeless, marginally housed, or just hungry. The mission is to provide our Hoboken neighbors with a warm meal, a compassionate community, and a peaceful place to spend the morning.  We strive to be a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Service Activity: Assist with cleaning/organizing the facility and other tasks.  

Hoboken Public Library

The Hoboken Public Library connects people with each other, ideas, and opportunities to support lifelong learning, personal growth, and community development. All our services and programs are made possible by the generous and dedicated people who run and contribute to the Hoboken Public Library Friends & Foundation, as well as the stewardship of the Hoboken Public Library Board of Trustees. 

Service Activity: Create community care kits to support the 2024 Point-in-Time Homeless Count sponsored by Hudson County.   

Symposia Bookstore 

Symposia Community Bookstore, Inc. is a PUBLIC BENEFIT nonprofit corporation in Hoboken NJ, organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, they operate a thrift shop consisting of books. Symposia offers great prices for used books, space for meetings, community events, support for local charities and groups, and volunteer opportunities.

Service Activity: Assist in the cleaning, sorting, and organizing of the books and facility.   

Hoboken Charter School

The Hoboken Charter School is a K-12 community of learners that seeks to develop the growth of all its members through its commitment to social justice and service-learning through learner-centered practices.  Our mission, size and dedication to providing an inclusive learning community that spans thirteen years of education allow for something different- an individualized journey that leads students to know who they are and how they will change the world.  

Service Activity: There will be two service activities occurring at Hoboken Charter School. One activity involves volunteers teaching STEAM lessons to kindergarten- 4th grade students. The second activity involves student volunteers sitting on a STEAM panel.   

Computers 4 People

Computers For People Inc. was founded in 2019 by then 15-year-old Dylan Zajac in Hoboken, NJ. The non-profit was formed through his vision to create a sustainable solution to the mass pollution of e-waste and the ever-growing digital divide. Computers 4 People has grown to a leading organization tackling the digital divide in the New York City Metropolitan area.

Service Activity: Assist with cleaning/organizing computers.  

Hoboken Shelter

The Hoboken Shelter’s mission is to be a community partnership that transforms lives by providing meals for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, & services to support people to become housed.

Service Activity: Help clean and organize the kitchen and facilities.