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Become a corporate partner with the Stevens School of Business and you'll get access to our student talent, modern analytics and expert faculty. Our graduate students work in consulting teams with organizations, analyzing business problems and recommending appropriate actions. The Industry Capstone Program is an integral part of the graduate curriculum at the School of Business and delivers value to our corporate partners.

Each project team consists of 4-6 graduate students and a faculty advisor with extensive industry experience to ensure success.

Here are some business specialties, made possible by our unique emphasis on technology:

Leverage financial planning and modeling, A.I.-assisted advising, risk analysis, and financial engineering techniques to optimize better manage assets and investments. Areas of focus may include cryptocurrencies, trading strategies and algorithms, forecasting or valuation.

Capture new consumer bases by engaging on new platforms and refining current initiatives to create leaner, more impactful marketing materials.

Organizational behavior
Analyze internal teams and practices to promote collaboration and communication, solve HR issues, increase employee motivation, outline succession planning and re-engineer business processes.

Operations management
Strengthen supply chain resilience by optimizing transportation and demand forecasting.

Technology integration
Integrate new techonolgies to improve reporting and customer engagement, enhance IT security and ensure smarter product development.

Looking To Sponsor a Project?

If you are interested in learning additional information about our Industry Capstone Program or submitting a project proposal, please email [email protected] for support.

Christina Sargiss Alwell is available for in-person and virtual meetings to discuss project specific information and onboarding next steps.


If you have any questions regarding our School of Business Industry Capstone Program, please email [email protected] for support. 

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Industry Capstone Program
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