How to Gain Access to Edit

Content editors are employees of the university who are assigned the responsibility of managing web pages.

Before being granted back-end access to the website, an employee must be authorized to be a web editor by their leadership and complete basic web editor training.

Content Editors

This is the basic web editing role. Web editors play a key role in keeping content accurate and up-to-date by editing pages and saving those edits on live web pages.

A content editor has the ability to do the following.

  • Edit and save changes to pages assigned to their username

  • Create new drafts of academic pages assigned to their username

  • Create new basic pages and request publication

  • Create new News/Media content and request publication

How to Gain Access to Edit Web Pages on

To gain access to create and edit pages on, users must complete the following steps: 

1. Request Access to Contentful and Training Materials.
Submit a ticket to [email protected] to request access to Contentful and training.

2. Complete Contentful 101 Training

This training course provides information to create and edit web pages on Please see steps below.

3. Complete Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web Training
This course familiarizes users with creating accessible content and ensures all content on
Please see steps below.

4. Submit Proof of Course Completion
Let us know all steps have been completed by submitting a help desk ticket at: Please be sure to attach your proof of accessibility course completion by uploading your certificate of completion.

5. Attempt to log in to the website
Please log-on to myStevens and find the Contentful icon in your list of apps. It should be at the bottom of the page. Click on the icon and complete the registration process. At this point, you have not been assigned any permissions and will not be able to access content on Contentful.

You can expect access within 24-72 business hours. 

Instructions for Requesting Access to 

Contentful 101 Training courses

Please be sure to sign into you myStevens to see the courses below. You may also see the courses at the link below.

View Contentful 101 Training Courses

Complete Accessibility Fundamentals for the Web course on Frontier.

The Division of University Relations will email a link to create a Site Improve account. Following the directions in the email. Once you sign in, you can access the course at the link below.

Frontier at Site Improve

How to log in to your Frontier (previously Siteimprove Academy)

  1. Log into the Siteimprove platform using your current username and password.

  2. Navigate to the “Help Center and Training” dropdown on the top menu bar.  

  3. Select “Training & certifications”.

  4. You will then be automatically logged into Frontier via Single sign-on (SSO).

Make sure to download a copy of your accessibility course completion.

Other Useful Documents

Contentful User Guide for Content Editors

Contentful is very user friendly, making it easy to create content, add images, make changes, and more. Here we will provide an outline of everything you need to know about navigating the CMS.


Component Guide

Use this guide in conjunction with the Content Plan for all pages included in the plan. The guide outlines the input fields for each component and associated character counts. In preparing your copydeck, include field names throughout, as well as component names, to facilitate the CMS input process.​

For pages not included in the Content Plan or where you chose to adjust the plan, this guide also offers top-level recommendations for the use of each component.​

Stevens Component Guide v1.pptx

Components and Pages Matrix

A guide to what components are available on which page types.

Components and Pages Matrix.

Search Engine Optimization Guide

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of optimizing a website to increase its visibility in search engine results. This is done by optimizing content, improving page speed, and making sure the website is properly indexed by search engines.

Search engines are tools used to find information across the internet. At the end of December 2022, Google had an 86.08% share of the search market. Because of this, we focus our optimization efforts towards Google, their search algorithms & search standards

Every user of the website can help their pages be seen on Google.

Stevens-Institute-SEO-Guide v2.pdf

Need Access to Edit myStevens? 

The Division of Information Technology is the myStevens product owner and manages access to all myStevens sites. Please submit all inquiries about my sevens and intranet content to Enterprise Web Services in the Division of Information Technology by submitting a help desk ticket to [email protected].