High Performance Computing Cluster

Dorothy, Stevens' high performance computing cluster, provides access to advanced computing tools.

Stevens Institute of Technology’s High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC), nicknamed Dorothy, provides advanced computing infrastructure and services for sponsored or departmental research with large-scale computing needs to all faculty members and interdisciplinary research groups within the School of Engineering and Science.

Located in the basement of the Williams Library, Dorothy enables access to:

  • Linux-based (HPC) cluster open to all researchers at SES

  • 80 shared compute nodes (60 12-core 48GB RAM CPUs + 20 8-core 64GB RAM CPUs)

  • 20 12TB- storage nodes with a lustre storage file system

  • 1GB interconnect between compute nodes

  • Slurm-based resource manager and job scheduler

  • An extensive list of software tools and storage resources

  • A range of computational tools

Please visit our intranet site for elementary support and documentation, or reach out to the SES HPC Advisory Committee ([email protected]) as well as our IT services to learn more.