Experimental Soft Tissue Mechanics and Computational Biophysics Laboratory

Johannes Weickenmeier and student in lab
Welcome to Weickenmeier Lab: Experimental and Computational Soft Matter Biomechanics

We use experimental and computational methods to uncover the mechano-bio-chemical behavior of living soft materials with a particular focus on the brain and skin.


The progressive shift towards an older demographic creates an urgent need for innovative and multidisciplinary research to predict soft tissue changes throughout the entire organ life-cycle. There is tremendous scientific opportunity for engineering disciplines to contribute to our understanding of living matter and its continuous adaptation of anatomical structure and mechanobiochemical properties on the cellular, tissue, and organ level. Our ultimate goal is to utilize combined computational and experimental methods to advance translational research in technologically and scientifically challenging problems of living matter physics.

Our Expertise

  • Material Modeling and Finite Element Simulations

  • Experimental Characterization of Soft Tissues

Current Research Interests of our Lab

  • Life Cycle Analysis of the Human Brain

  • The Role of Myelin in Neuro-Mechanobiology

Open Positions

Our group is growing and we are looking for new members!

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