Campus Point Connection: Music & Philosophy of Nietzsche

Banner Image featuring a portrait of philosopher Nietzche

During this concert, discussion, and reception on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, consider the intersection of philosophy and music in Friedrich Nietzsche's work.

Nietzsche (1844-1900) is famous for his many provocative philosophical ideas, but it is less known that he was also an avid piano player and a composer who in his young years dreamt of devoting his life to music.

Book cover of Nietzsche and Music: Philosophical Thoughts and Musical Experiments
  • Aysegul Durakoglu, a teaching professor of music and technology, will perform some of his piano compositions and show how Nietzsche approaches traditional musical forms from a philosopher's point of view.

  • Yunus Tuncel of New York University's liberal studies program will introduce the biographical background and explain Nietzsche's lifelong involvement with music.

  • Michael Steinmann, a professor of philosophy, will show how music helped him develop a new and radical view of the world.

The event celebrates the publication of the book Nietzsche and Music: Philosophical Thoughts and Musical Experiments in Nietzsche’s Work, edited by Durakoglu, Steinmann, Tuncel (2022).

Following the event, the College of Arts and Letters will host a reception. All attendees are welcome. The public, the Hoboken community, and all members of Stevens are invited.