Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)


EHS supports the mission of Stevens Institute of Technology by providing and coordinating programs and services which minimize safety, health, environmental and regulatory risk to the University community in a manner consistent with responsible fiscal and environmental stewardship.

Core Values

  • Protect people, the environment, and comply with regulations

  • Collaborate with Faculty, Staff and Students to promote a safety culture

  • Responsibly manage University assets, revenues and resources

  • Foster collaboration and cooperation across University departments

  • Stevens Institutional EHS Mission Statement


Stevens is committed to preserving and protecting our environment. As part of that commitment Stevens has the following program in place to ensure environmental stewardship.

Please contact Environmental Health and Safety at [email protected].

Research and Lab Safety

EHS works in partnership with faculty, researchers, staff and students to promote safe and healthful laboratory environments that will support our mission, to inspire, nurture and educate our future leaders. Review the categories and information currently available and please contact David Fernandez, Chief Risk Officer at 201-216-8705 or [email protected] with any concerns or questions.

Occupational Safety & Insurance Risk Management

Occupational Safety 

Stevens EHS has established the following programs and procedures to assist faculty, staff and students in reducing risk and promoting safe work practices:

Please contact David Fernandez, Chief Risk Officer at 201-216-8705 or [email protected]

Insurance Risk Management

Domestic - Travel Insurance Information for Employees

International - Travel Insurance for Employees and Students

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

The prevention of fire in Stevens building or facility requires the vigilance and care of all building occupants, Facilities Maintenance, and Contrators. Stevens EHS has established the following programs and procedures to educate and heighten the awareness of faculty, staff, students, and visitors about the importance of day-to-day fire safety and fire prevention measures.

Fire Safety Resources:

Please contact Daniel Cunning, Fire Safety Coordinator at 201-216-3576 or [email protected]


Stevens Institute requires training for laboratory employees to insure that they are adequately informed about the hazards present within the laboratory and methods for minimizing the risks of exposure.  "Laboratory employees" include faculty, staff, and students who work in a laboratory setting. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides a number of training courses for laboratory personnel. Below is a summary of the training programs offered at Stevens.

Laboratory Safety Training Programs

Laboratory Safety Training Schedule for 2021

Laboratory Safety Training Programs

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) - Waste Management

Waste Management Mission Statement

Stevens generates waste as part of the research, teaching, and operations that occur on campus.  Stevens EHS is responsible for the development and implementation of proper management practices for all aspects of the handling, storage, and disposal of chemical and biological wastes that are generated on campus.  Our goal is to manage chemical and biological wastes in a safe and environmentally sound manner that complies with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

Please contact David Fernandez, Chief Risk Officer at 201-216-8705 or [email protected].

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Use on Campus

Learn more about the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) Use on Campus policy.

EHS Staff

EHS Main Telephone number 201.216.8971

David Fernandez
Chief Risk Officer
Phone: 201.216.8705
Email: [email protected]

Byron Light
Senior Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
Phone: 201.216.3314
Email: [email protected]

Daniel Cunning
Fire Safety Coordinator
Phone: 201.216.3576
Email: [email protected]