Stevens has a record of educating, nurturing and inspiring students who need financial support to pursue their dreams. Now, in the ACES 500 campaign, the university is raising money to provide 400 undergraduate and 100 pre-college scholarships every year. The potential for ACES is limited only by the funding available. To achieve this ambitious goal, Stevens is turning to alumni and friends who believe in supporting student success.

Envisioning Success

Pivotal Pre-College

Enrolling in college is often the first major decision young adults make. Students whose parents went to college already have insight into the process, and often the means to explore more options. For other students however, a lack of that foundation can make applying and enrolling in college far less likely.

The Stevens pre-college program is an immersive experience. In the summer, high school students live on campus, take classes with faculty, collaborate on research projects, attend workshops on college applications, tour STEM businesses, and broaden their circles during social activities and cultural excursions.

ACES scholarships enable high schoolers to envision themselves as college students, and to begin understanding the right college for them, what they should study, and how they can pay for it.

Undergraduate Success

Stevens students thrive as soon as they earn their degrees. Among the Class of 2020, 95% secured a job or graduate school within six months, with an average salary of $77,000.

Students who receive ACES scholarships to enroll as undergraduates have talent, drive and an environment that encourages their success. In 2018-19, the first ACES undergraduates earned a collective GPA of 3.2, and 98% returned for their second year. The second cohort earned a GPA of 3.5.

Commitments to Diversity and Inclusion

First STEPs

Stevens is committed to student success. In 1968, the Stevens Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) started as one of the first of its kind in the country, providing underserved students from diverse backgrounds with a welcoming environment and academic empowerment.

“With ACES, we are working to level the playing field.”

Marybeth Murphy, Vice President for Enrollment Management

STEP is just one part of a robust ecosystem. Stevens has a vibrant campus community, with enriching co-curriculars spanning social to professional, cultural to service. There is a long and rich tradition for course tutoring, career services, faculty mentoring and alumni engagement. When students enroll at Stevens, they can find confidence and avenues for reaching their potential. 

Strategic Commitment

A benefit of ACES is increased diversity on campus and an enrollment that reflects the national population. Inclusion benefits the entire enrolled body, creating interactions that broaden perspectives and foster teamwork skills.

“One of the goals of our strategic plan is to increase the numbers of underserved students on our campus,” said Marybeth Murphy, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “With ACES, we are working to level the playing field.”

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Success Stories

A pre-college ACES scholarship recipient studying pre-med biology:

I was given the opportunity to watch a live kidney tumor removal surgery at Hackensack Hospital. During lectures, I learned how college impacts the future of aspiring doctors. I learned how to ask for internships and build a profile to gain acceptance into medical school. I learned about the process colleges use to accept students, and I learned how to stand out thorough my application. I had the opportunity to speak to graduate students and learn about their college experience. The program helped me reconfirm my love for biology and made me realize how much I want to help people and leave my mark on the world.”

An undergraduate student using ACES support to pursue a degree in computer science:

After I graduate, I hope to work for a well-known tech company where I can learn the ins and outs of the real world and how I can incorporate computer science into many different fields. Ultimately, my goal is to own a company that designs software and creates micro-technology. I would also like to make a difference in the world by using my company’s resources to provide low-income families with free WI-FI across the United States.”

Partnerships and Praise

Philanthropic Partners

ACES scholarships are possible because of generous individuals and corporate and foundation partners who see the potential of investing in students. Notable partners include ADP, AT&T, Bristol Myers Squibb, and PSEG. Additionally, the A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation endowed $15 million to create the Clark Scholars Program for exceptional students underrepresented in engineering.

Statewide Praise

ACES has earned recognition statewide. In 2019, the New Jersey Technology Council selected Stevens to receive an Innovation in Education Award, and in 2020, the New Jersey Business and Industry Association recognized Stevens with a Diversity and Inclusion Award. Governor Phil Murphy signed bipartisan legislation that identifies ACES as a model for colleges throughout the state.        


Our Responsibility

“ACES has propelled us toward a key institutional goal — to increase access to a Stevens education and the opportunities it affords. Creating opportunities for talented students who lack financial means to achieve their dreams of a STEM career will transform these students and their families, and will also contribute to a STEM workforce that is reflective of the diversity of our society. It is our responsibility to identify and nurture that talent. At Stevens, we have a program that is working. ”

Stevens President Nariman Farvardin

A Call to Action

To achieve the ambitious mission of ACES 500 and provide more scholarships, Stevens seeks immediate and substantial financial support. The university is eager to join its partners in making a difference for talented students and leveling historic inequalities for a shared brighter future in the United States.

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