Established in 2016, the Gear Society derives its name from Stevens’ rich mechanical engineering history and was created to recognize the faithful alumni who play an important role in driving Stevens forward.

Loyal graduates are to Stevens what gears are to machines, they transmit power. Consecutive, annual giving, of any amount, helps raise Stevens’ participation rate, which is an important factor in many national rankings of universities.

The Gear Society recognizes alumni who have given loyally for two or more consecutive years and continue to give annually, with special recognition given for 5 year increments. The Gear Society is based on participation, not amount, to honor our dedicated supporters. Annual, consecutive giving, promotes Stevens’ student success, faculty excellence, and vibrant campus, now and for many years in the future. Membership is renewable annually.

Have a Profound Impact on Stevens:

Every year a Gear Society member makes a gift, he or she is counted as one of Stevens’ alumni donors. The number of graduates who make donations, known as alumni participation, is an indicator of the university’s strength and is measured by potential students and funders.

Join a Loyal Network of Participants at Stevens Today!

By joining or renewing, you will help to raise Stevens’ participation rate! You will demonstrate that every gift has a positive impact on Stevens. Become part of the vigorous network of supporters who are dedicated to supporting Stevens.

Participate today by making a gift on our convenient and secure online form.

You can also mail a check payable to Stevens Institute of Technology to:

Stevens Institute of Technology
Office of Development
1 Castle Point Terrace
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Questions? For more information on the Gear Society, please contact [email protected].