Creative Writing Contest

Promoting creativity across the university, the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences' annual Creative Writing Contest honors outstanding examples of prose and poetry, written by Stevens students.

Ever since being launched in 2013 by Billy Middleton, teaching professor in the Freshman Experience, the Creative Writing Contest has celebrated the literary talents of Stevens students from all departments and programs. Judged blindly by the faculty of the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), the contest honors separate winners in the categories of prose and poetry, who, along with runners-up and one honorable mention, are invited to present their work at the annual Innovation Expo. Entries reflect a diverse and exciting array of creative talent among Stevens students who are often pursuing degrees in STEM subjects.




Winner: Benjamin Knobloch  Runner-Up:  Elizabeth Bottoni Honorable Mention: Eva Henderson

Read Prose by Knobloch, Bottoni, and Henderson

Winner: Kayleigh Kubit Runner-Up: Philip Sutherland Honorable Mention: Whitney Dyer

Read Poetry by Kubit, Sutherland, and Dyer


Winner: Garrett Kincaid Runner-Up: Victoria Beke Honorable Mention: Julia Wierzbicki

Read Prose by Kincaid, Beke, and Wierzbicki

Winner: Julia Wierzbicki Runner-Up: Kayleigh Kubit Honorable Mention: Keenan Yates

Read Poetry by Wierzbicki, Kubit, and Yates


Winner: Erika Bulger Runner-Up: Peter White Honorable Mention: Stephen Lysak

Winner: Stephen Lysak Runner-Up: Kayleigh Kubit Honorable Mention: Camille Simon-Al-Araji


Winner: Madeleine Daniell Runner-Up: Breanna Shinn Honorable Mention: Hadia Hameed

Winner: Stephen Lysak Runner-Up: Mia Hildebrandt Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Bottoni


Winner: Karol Oldziej Runner-Up: Killian Lonergan Honorable Mention: Samantha Martino

Winner: Sophia Chong Runner-Up: Elina Tuder Honorable Mention: Nasir Montalvo


Winner: Elizabeth Steward Runner-Up: Bryana Atkinson Honorable Mention: Robert Hartley

Winner: Michael Tudisco Runner-Up: Bernard Feeney Honorable Mention: Ashley Peck


Winner: Gabriella Green Runner-Up: Sophia Chong Honorable Mention: Jazmine Binag

Winner: Mia Walton Runner-Up: Dakota Van Deursen Honorable Mention: Gabriella Green


Winner: Lily Bruenjes Runner-Up: Michael Tudisco Honorable Mention: Sophia Chong

Winner: Sophia Chong Runner-Up: Samantha Martino Honorable Mention: Stephen Walter


Winner: Chris Chiu Runner-Up: Sean Balanon Honorable Mention: Kyria Johnson

Winner: Kyle Gonzales Runner-Up: Melanie Panosian Honorable Mention: Joseph Risi


Winner: Ohan Boodaghians Runner-Up: Tessie Urtubia Honorable Mention: Kristen Romanowski

Winner: Stephen Walter Runner-Up: Sean Balanon Honorable Mention: Stanley Mikuta