Industry Education and Employer Recruiting

Employer Recruiting  

The Stevens Career Center collaborates with over 600 employers and coordinates hundreds of on-campus and virtual employer recruiting events throughout the academic year. Descriptions of the most popular recruiting events are listed below. To learn more, go to Handshake Events or schedule an appointment with a Stevens Career Center career coach. 

Career Chats  

Career Chats are scheduled, one-on-one conversations between an employer representative and a student to discuss career opportunities in an organization. Employer representatives might include recruiters, alumni, or company employees. Career Chats most often target students in a specific degree program, class year, or industry of interest. 

Most often employers request student resumes in advance and students are selected by the employer to meet for a chat. 


The Employer-in-Residence Program is available to eligible organizations that have actively recruited and hired Stevens undergraduate students for jobs, internships, and co-ops within the past three years.   

  • Employers receive a complimentary private office for full or half-day interactions with Stevens students for student drop-in hours, resume critiques, mock interviews, or career chats.  

Employer Site Visits 

An Employer Site Visit is a great way for students to learn what it is like to work for an organization. A typical agenda for a site visit includes a tour of the office, lab, or manufacturing area; a brief presentation by company representatives; and conversations with students. In some cases, Stevens alumni who work for the organization are encouraged to participate. A Stevens Career Center representative will coordinate the site visit and accompany students during the visit. 

Industry Insights 

An Industry Insights event is a one-hour presentation by an alumnus or panel of alumni designed to inform and educate students about a specific industry or employment sector. Alumni typically share insights about their experiences, provide insider tips on the job search, and share insights on potential career paths. If time allows, alumni often network with students at the end of the event. 

Information Session 

An Information Session is a one-hour presentation to a group of students where employers inform students about the organization and job opportunities. 

Interview Days 

An Interview Day is a day for employers to conduct on-campus or virtual interviews. Employers typically post a job on Handshake and select candidates to interview. The employer or Stevens Career Center staff will contact students selected for interviews. 

Job & Internship Fairs 

Stevens Job & Internship Fairs are the largest recruiting events of the year with over 100 employers and over 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students in attendance. Job & Internship Fairs are offered annually in September and February and are open to employers from all industries and employment sectors. Details about the fairs and employer registration dates can be found on Handshake. 

Success Tips for Students 

  • ALWAYS take time to prepare before attending employer recruiting events. 

  • Conduct research to learn about the employer, including the employer’s website, news reports, and job opportunities for college students or entry-level professionals. 

  • Identify alumni on LinkedIn and CareerShift. Request a connection and consider scheduling an informational meeting. 

  • Wear appropriate attire when meeting employers in-person or virtually. 

  • Business Formal or Business Professional attire should be worn for Job & Internship Fairs, Interview Days, Career Chats, Employer Site Visits, Employer-in-Residence meetings, and small group events.  

  • Business Casual attire should be worn for large group in-person events, such as Information Sessions, or Industry Insights 

  • Check Handshake, CareerShift, Indeed, other job portals, and the careers portal on the employer’s website for job postings. Carefully read the job descriptions to gain an understanding of the types of internships, co-ops, and jobs available. 

  • Prepare a few questions to ask the employer representatives. Your questions should demonstrate that you prepared in advance. For example, do not ask questions at the Job & Internship Fair like “Tell me about your company?” or “What types of internships or jobs do you have available?” These types of questions demonstrate a lack of preparation and will not leave the employer representative with a good impression of you as a candidate for the organization.