The Career Center Team

The Stevens Career Center

Howe Center, 6th Floor
1 Castle Point Terrace
Hoboken, NJ 07030

p. 201.216.5166
e. [email protected]

Leadership and Administration

  • Cherena Walker, Executive Director of the Stevens Career Center

  • Noemi Napoles, Administrative Assistant

Employer Relations & Operations

  • Janine Alon, Director of Employer Relations and Career Center Operations

  • Vacant, Assistant Director, Employer Outreach

  • Vacant, Data & Operations Analyst

  • Allison Weaver, Marketing & Events Coordinator

  • Vacant, Account Manager, Employer Partnerships

  • Vacant, Account Manager, Employer Partnerships

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

  • Rita Papaleo Ruiz, Assistant Director, Cooperative Education

  • Katherine O’Neill, Senior Career Coach, Cooperative Education

Career & Talent Development

  • Megan Kohr, Assistant Director, Career and Talent Development

  • Michelle Guzik, Career & Talent Development Specialist

  • Reshmi Sanyal, Career & Talent Development Specialist

  • Joanne Christiansen, Career & Talent Development Specialist

  • Alison Nobile, Career Coach

Peer Career Coaches

  • Aaron Shamouil '25, Biomedical Engineering

  • Christian Apostol '25, Computer Science

  • Mickantzy Polycarpe '26, Business & Technology