The Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) lets high-achieving students begin earning credits toward a graduate degree during their undergraduate studies, enabling them to earn a master’s degree at an accelerated pace.

Program Benefits

  • Students choosing a traditional 30-credit master's degree can potentially earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in one additional year or less, cutting in half the amount of time needed to complete the master's.
  •  AMP students can double-count up to three courses (nine credits) toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.
  • AMP only requires students to spend a minimum of one (1) semester as a full-time graduate student, giving them the option to complete part of their graduate degree online (if applicable) or to take graduate courses as a part-time graduate student. This enables students to enter the workforce or study remotely.
  • Earning a master's degree helps students gain specialized knowledge to advance in a specific field and may make it easier to transition into more senior roles after entering the workforce.
  • Students work closely with advisors to map a specific course of study satisfying all objectives for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Program Requirements

Students can become part of the AMP in one of two ways:

Incoming First-Year Selection – Students are selected for this program at the time of admission but must still apply in their sixth or seventh semester at Stevens.

Current Student Application – Students can submit an AMP application in their sixth or seventh semester. Students who have transferred into Stevens may also apply at this time.

In their sixth or seventh semester, all students interested in the AMP must submit an application indicating their intended graduate degree and enrollment semester. Applicants must:

  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Fulfill all credit count requirements for their first five (5) undergraduate semesters

To apply, students must also submit a list of three (3) graduate courses intended toward their bachelor's and master's degrees. A faculty letter of recommendation will be required. Any other program-specific requirements, depending on the graduate program, will be outlined at the time of application.

No graduate application fee or standardized test scores are required (some exclusions apply). Students must enroll in the AMP to complete the sequential undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Once students are classified as graduate students, they are no longer eligible for undergraduate aid (see the financial aid section of the Academic Catalog.) More information on graduate funding and aid can be viewed here.

Current students who have questions regarding AMP may email [email protected]. Additional information and the AMP application can be found on the AMP myStevens page.

Prospective students with questions regarding AMP may email [email protected].