​Our strong suit is helping you achieve success, whichever way you define it. Whether that means landing a job offer when you graduate (maybe even multiple job offers before you graduate), getting into your top choice of graduate school, launching your own start-up or changing the world in the non-profit sector, you’ll find few universities go as far as we do to get you there.

A National Leader in Salaries and Satisfaction

We offer some of the highest rankings in the nation for career placement, salary potential and return on investment. What’s our secret? We provide you with exceptional career services much earlier than other universities. You’ll have the opportunity to leave here with more experience on your resume than most college graduates, which also means more familiarity with your chosen field and more confidence that you’re on the right path. Because you don’t just want a wildly successful career — you also want a deeply satisfying one.

Your Path to Success Starts on Day One

From the classroom to your career, Stevens cares about your success. We offer an award-winning career center that helps students gain real-world experience through internships, externships and other programs that have resulted in employment offers before graduation or soon after.  

Elizabeth Pascetta

Jump-start Your Career Before Graduation

Meet Elizabeth Pascetta, a senior who will graduate in 2016 with a dual degree in engineering management and systems engineering. Though she hasn't graduated yet, Elizabeth has accepted a position with industry leader Lockheed Martin. She credits the Stevens Career Center for helping her secure a position prior to graduation:

"I used the connection Stevens had with Lockheed Martin to get the internship that led to my career. A lot of companies come to Stevens to recruit. It is clear they really want Stevens students to come work for them.

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By the Numbers

Graduate Worry-Free

Learn what you can expect when your turn comes from these highlights of recent classes.

Why We Love to Hire Stevens Students

After Stevens

Student presenting during a graduate class

Pursuing Graduate School

Many of our students choose to continue their education at top graduate schools, pursuing master’s degrees, MBAs, PhDs, law degrees or medical degrees. Recent Stevens graduates are attending highly selective programs at schools like the Georgetown University School of Medicine, Yale, UCLA, UC-Berkeley and the NYU Stern School of Business. We offer special help to students who want to explore graduate school, including mapping out an action plan for deciding where to apply and taking entrance exams. Learn more about how we prepare you to shine…

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Project form the Innovation expo

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to the Stevens experience. It’s our tradition: Stevens alumni have built and led world-class innovative companies like General Motors, Texas Instruments, Becton Dickinson, Verizon, Lockheed Martin, LG and Samsung. We go quite a distance to prepare you for success in the start-up world — from your required freshman course in entrepreneurship, to a new cooperative education option where you develop your own company, to the pitch competition that’s part of our annual Innovation Expo. If you have an…

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Alumni return to visit campus

Reaping a Return on Your Investment

It’s hard to picture life twenty years down the road, but if you’re like other Stevens graduates, you’ll be doing big things. Our consistently stellar national rankings for best return on investment and mid-career salaries show that we excel at setting you on the path toward long-term happiness and an impactful career. And our alumni will back us up on that. We invite you to take a look at what our alumni are doing with their Stevens degrees and see whose footsteps you might follow someday.

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