Stevens ACES

Stevens ACES (Accessing Careers in Engineering and Science) increases the number of academically talented students from underserved communities at Stevens, and helps them become tomorrow’s technological leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Through scholarship, mentoring and support, ACES provides high school and enrolled undergraduate students with the support and resources that they and their families may need to be successful at Stevens through access to scholarships, programming, pre-professional and career opportunities.

Contact the ACES staff at 201-216-3610 or [email protected].

ACES Pre-College Program for High School Students

Students at partner high schools are actively recruited during the early years of high school to apply for the ACES Pre-College Program, which provides guaranteed scholarship funding for accepted students to enroll in Stevens Summer Pre-College Programs as well as year-round workshops, enrichment and mentorship opportunities at Stevens. Other benefits include: academic and pre-professional development opportunities throughout the academic year, including career workshops, information about STEM professions, conference attendance and lab internships; eligibility for math or coding enrichment classes at no cost; faculty or staff advisor and mentorship programs; and support for the college application process.

Stevens' Summer Pre-College Programs

Whether you’re interested in cybersecurity, business or music production, as an ACES Pre-College student you’ll have the opportunity to explore your ideas and interests in a pressure-free, inspiring academic environment that welcomes big thinkers.

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ACES pre-college students watch a professor's demonstration.

ACES College Program

ACES Pre-College graduates — as well as other first-year undergraduates who meet the qualifications of the ACES program — who enroll at Stevens as undergraduates move as a cohort to the ACES College Program, which is part of the STEP (Stevens Technical Enrichment Program) program. Through STEP, ACES students are supported academically, financially, professionally and socially to promote their success on campus, retention and graduation from Stevens. Other benefits include: financial aid support, including full or partial tuition and/or housing scholarship; support/encouragement to live on-campus in the first year; senior or recent alumni mentorship; financial assistance for conference attendance; and financial support for a study abroad or research experience in the summer.


STEP offers a comfortable, welcoming and supportive environment for undergraduate students from different backgrounds with an open door policy encouraging students to drop in for peer or professional support. STEP’s Bridge is a summer transition program for incoming first-year students, offering the opportunity to begin adjusting to the college environment and to develop new friendships and relationships with faculty, staff and peers.

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