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COVID-19 Disclaimer and Updates

In accordance with the university’s current policies on international travel, Stevens Institute of Technology is accepting applications for study abroad and international exchange programs for the upcoming terms. Stevens allows travel to countries that are Level 1-3 with the Department of State’s travel advisory system. Travel to countries that are listed as Level 4 are only allowed on a case-by-case basis, depending on COVID levels. All students must sign a COVID acknowledgment form before being approved for any in-person education abroad programs. For additional information, please email [email protected] or book an appointment.

When Should I Study Abroad?

The decision about when to study abroad is made after you discuss your personal and curricular plans with your academic advisor, co-op counselor (if you participate in the Stevens cooperative education program), and the director of international programs.

You should select the time frame which best fits your academic curriculum, and will not delay your graduation. You have the option to participate in a short or long-term program:

  • Short-term opportunities include 2-10 week programs with specified courses and activities, Stevens Faculty-Led Programs, service abroad and research programs. Many short-term programs offer the opportunity to earn academic credits.

  • Long-term programs are traditional study abroad experiences in which students enroll for a semester at partner universities located around the world. Students select a university which offers courses that must be pre-approved for transfer to Stevens, and which meets graduation requirements.

In addition to academics, the decision about where to go depends on the interests of the student. Cultural interests, personal experiences, and languages studied are examples of criteria taken into consideration. Program offerings and requirements are also an important part of the decision making process.

Study Abroad Eligibility

Requirements for undergraduate study abroad:

  • At least one completed year of study at Stevens (note: seniors are not eligible for a semester abroad)

  • Good academic standing with a GPA of 2.75 or higher

  • No outstanding conduct issues

Additional requirements may apply depending on the program selection. All programs have courses available in English as well as other languages.

Graduate students who want to study abroad must contact his/her academic advisor and the director of the Office of International Programs to discuss possibilities and specific requirements.

Freshmen can apply for summer programs during the spring semester of their first year at Stevens.


Important Deadlines

You must apply online at the Study Abroad Portal. Internal application deadlines are:

  • October 1 for spring programs

  • April 1 for fall programs

  • Variable for summer programs

Study Abroad Portal

Study Abroad Portal