Academic Considerations

The Role of Academic Advisors

Academic advisors play a critical role in the study abroad process, as well as the director of the Office of International Programs. It is important to meet with your Academic Advisor and/or Co-op counselor to discuss a study plan for your experience abroad. It is also required to meet with the director of the Office of International Programs prior to applying. You will select which courses are best suited for an international experience, as well as when the best time to go abroad. During your meeting, you will discuss the many possible locations to study, such as Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The Office of International Programs can provide assistance and information to assist the academic advisors when aiding students who are interested in an international educational experience.

Credit Transfer Information

Steps for Credit Transfer for Undergraduate Students

If transfer credit for a course has not been approved yet, fill out an application for transfer credit via Workday.


Top Study Abroad Programs by Major

Here are some of the most popular programs students have participated in! However, this is far from a complete list, and additional program options are available on the Study Abroad link on my.Stevens.