Graduate Student Tutoring Program

Graduate Academics & Student Success coordinates course-based peer tutoring services that connect students in need of tutoring with student tutors who have been successful in the impacted course. Tutors have been selected based on their experience with a given subject matter. Tutoring sessions offer focused attention, immediate feedback, and opportunities for interactive learning.

Requesting a Tutor

Students who are struggling in a course and would like to request a tutor must complete this form, using their Stevens email. A staff member from Graduate Academics & Student Success will review this form and work to match them with a tutor. Students will be notified via email of their tutor pairing.

Students are encouraged to request tutoring services as early into the semester as possible. This ensures there is ample time to work together to maximize course success. Once a student is matched with a tutor, they will work together to complete a Graduate Student Tutoring Contract that will outline their meeting patterns and time commitment.

Students working with a tutor are expected to treat this professional relationship seriously, honoring their time commitments and expertise in the area.

Becoming a Tutor

Students interested in serving as a tutor must have a GPA of 3.3 or higher and must have completed the relevant course, earning an A- or better. Doctoral students working on research related to the course are also eligible to serve as tutors.

The role of the tutor is to supplement the tutees' classroom experience by helping them understand subject matter that is unclear. Tutors do not give answers, but rather help the tutees find the answers for themselves. It is the tutor's responsibility to help tutees to learn on their own while providing an open exchange during which learning can take place.

Students who are interested in this opportunity must complete this form. A staff member from Graduate Academics & Student Success will review this form and contact applicants.