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Software Engineering Minor

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Guided by the mission to provide an education based on a strong engineering core, complemented by a strong thread of systems thinking and critical thinking, the software engineering minor provides engineering students the opportunity to prepare and excel in this growing area.

The minor is open to all engineering and engineering technology majors and provides the student with understanding of basic concepts relevant to software engineering and its operations. Students who anticipate working within or moving into a technical environment during their careers may wish to consider this minor.

Minor in Software Engineering Requirements

 The following are the required courses:

  • MA 134 Discrete Math or CS 135

  • SSW 215 Individual Software Engineering

  • SSW 315 Object Based Software Engineering

  • SSW 345 Model Based Software Engineering

  • SSW 555 Agile Methods

  • SYS 581 Introduction to Systems Engineering 

The following prerequisite is needed to undertake the minor program:

  • E 115 Introduction to Programming or CS115 Introduction to Computer Science