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Business Process Management and Service Innovation

Businesswoman looking at laptop standing by windowBusiness process management addresses the analysis, design, implementation and improvement of enterprise processes. The use of business process automation technology promises significant efficiency gains for organizations through the automated coordination of activities, allocation of tasks to process participants and the integration of applications. Demand for better process management is driven by opportunities related to ongoing process performance improvement, process outsourcing/offshoring and the interest in process standards.

Corporate Innovation and Leadership

one man standing with sitting colleagues in conference roomMany managers know technology and data can help them ask smarter questions, make better decisions and formulate more effective strategies. But few of them know how, and with a large and diverse set of responsibilities, it's difficult for these professionals to spend years pursuing master's degrees.

The Stevens graduate certificate in Corporate Innovation and Leadership was designed with this audience in mind. In just four courses, managers and decision-makers can get immediately applicable insights in technology and innovation as they apply to leadership roles. Lessons in design thinking, collaboration and technology innovation will give managers powerful new tools that will improve their effectiveness in their current assignments and provide new perspective on their careers.

The Corporate Innovation and Leadership program is designed for professionals who are working full time and are interested in breaking into the management ranks at their company. Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, ideally in a technical or liberal arts discipline. Test scores are not required for this certificate. 

Fundamentals of Management

one man smiling with group of coworkers around a conference tableTechnical professionals bring valuable skills in science, engineering and mathematics to the workplace. But without a general understanding of business, they often struggle to effectively communicate ideas to teams and leadership, and aren't able to advocate for their work or advance their careers.

For these professionals, the Stevens Fundamentals of Management graduate certificate is an ideal way to quickly gain expertise in the "language of business." With just four courses, you'll learn effective strategies for working in and leading teams, understand how to influence managers through data analysis, and apply your technical skills in ways that create direct impact on the bottom line. The lessons from this certificate will provide a foundation to support your career aspirations as you seek promotions and additional responsibilities.

Students who apply to the Fundamentals of Management program must have a bachelor's degree, ideally in a technical discipline. Neither work experience nor test scores are a requirement for this certificate. This program is not suitable for students with business degrees.

Healthcare Management and Leadership

businessman shaking hand with healthcare workerThe Healthcare Management graduate certificate program combines leadership & management applications unique to the healthcare industry with practical project management skills & concepts.

Class work in this certificate examines the dynamics and strategies of healthcare organizations, including customer/patient analysis, criterion-based performance evaluation, timeline mapping, and their essential management accountabilities.  Areas also covered include project management tools & metrics, planning issues, risk management, human resources, organizational performance, and management of complex programs. 

Electives cover focused areas such as macro and micro aspects of organizational behavior and theory that are essential to technology management.  Critical points in project management for the experienced project manager are examined. 

Management of AI

The AI revolution can no longer be discussed as something that's coming in the near future. Intelligent machines already play a role in a number of industries, and their responsibilities will continue to grow at a rapid pace. This doesn't mean the end for humans in the workplace — but it does involve a new set of skills and a broader perspective on new kinds of challenges that are starting to confront leaders. 

The Stevens graduate certificate in Management of Artificial Intelligence teaches students how to analyze business opportunities, develop data sources, build and interpret models, explain machine-generated results to management and participate in the implementation of the models in organizational processes. The program also emphasizes the critical thinking skills and judgment needed to deal with issues surrounding governance, data regulation, security and privacy — all chief concerns in the application of AI in business.

The certificate is ideal for IT and analytics professionals interested in upskilling in key areas related to AI, machine learning and data.

Project Management

group of twenty and thirty year old coworkers looking at a woman pointing to a post-it noteThe Project Management graduate certificate program includes both the theory and practice of project management. Concepts, project management tools, metrics for project success, planning issues, risk management, human resources, organizational performance and management of complex programs are presented. Classes also emphasize leadership development and analytical skills, to help project managers round out needed skills for their toolboxes.

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