Benjamin Kruse (bkruse)

Benjamin Kruse



Areas of Specialty

Model-based Systems Engineering


Conceptual Design

General Information

Professor Kruse’s research is about model-based systems engineering with the general-purpose graphical systems modeling language SysML. At Stevens Institute of Technology, he is working as a researcher for the System Engineering Research Center SERC on research tasks about the systems engineering transformation through model-centric engineering. Model-centric engineering can be characterized as an overarching digital engineering approach, integrating different model types of systems and simulations at different levels of abstraction and fidelity across disciplines throughout the lifecycle. Professor Kruse contributed to related SERC research projects to better understand the relationships between systems engineering activities and methods in the context of a digital thread and to demonstrate and investigate the art-of-the-possible of model-centric engineering through a pilot study as part of the Department of Defense’s digital engineering strategy.

Professor Kruse’s research focus lies hereby on supported modeling, modeling best practices, model reuse, traceability and model interoperability as well as collaboration. For this he is using SysML together with the open model-based engineering environment OpenMBEE. The environment supports the construction of models, e.g., for mission engineering, that follow the formal view and viewpoint paradigm to extract specific design information from the models Together with an open model management system for model integration and management across tools, this provides live access on model-generated documents through a web browser. Linked research is about the use of semantic web technologies and ontologies together with SysML models for multi-disciplinary design reasoning and model integration that extends the OpenMBEE platform.

Prior work for his doctorate focused on formal and reuse-based support for multi-disciplinary concept design in SysML. The developed support formally implements functions, elements from a commercial simulation tool and a service catalogue into generic design libraries to offer a foundation of proven design knowledge together with multi-solution patterns for further cross-cutting reuse potential. Before finishing this work with his Sc.D. at the ETH Zurich in Switzerland, Professor Kruse acquired his diploma (univ.) for mechanical engineering in the field of aerospace at the Technical University Munich in Germany.

Professional Societies

  • INCOSE – International Council of Systems Engineering Member
  • NDIA – National Defense Industrial Association Member

Selected Publications

Conference Proceeding

  1. Chell, B.; Hoffenson, S.; Kruse, B.; Blackburn, M. (2020). Mission-Level Optimization: A New Approach to Complex Systems Design for Highly Stochastic Life Cycle Use Case Scenarios. Proceedings of the ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences.

Journal Article

  1. Kruse, B.; Blackburn, M. (2019). Collaborating with OpenMBEE as an Authoritative Source of Truth Environment. Procedia Computer Science (C ed., vol. 153, pp. 277-284).
  2. Bone, M.; Blackburn, M.; Kruse, B.; Dzielski, J.; Hagedorn, T.; Grosse, I. (2018). Toward an Interoperability and Integration Framework to Enable Digital Thread. Systems (4 ed., vol. 6).

Modeling & Simulation Special Edition


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