Curriculum - PhD Business Administration


Ph.D. candidates must have some proficiency in selected areas of mathematics and quantitative analysis — especially calculus, linear algebra and basic statistics — as these tools are the general foundation for study in all business disciplines. To assure proficiency, the School of Business offers remedial courses addressing these areas.

Required courses

Every doctoral student at Stevens completes PRV 961 Ph.D. Signature Course as part of their studies. All students in the Ph.D. in Business Administration take the following five courses: 

  • MA 701 Statistical Inferences

  • FIN 703 Microeconomic Theory

  • FIN 704 Econometrics

  • MGT 719 Research Design

  • BIA 652 Multivariate Data Analytics

In addition to the above courses, all students take two independent study courses and three electives from master's or doctoral programs at Stevens.


Each concentration has a specific set of courses that students must complete as part of their doctoral studies.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship concentration

  • MGT 711 Entrepreneurship Theory and Innovation Management Research

  • MGT 753 Theory in Management Research

Finance concentration

  • FIN 708 Corporate Finance Theory and Applications

  • FIN 705 Asset Pricing Theory and Applications

Information Systems & Analytics concentration

  • MGT 734 Design Science Research Seminar

  • MIS 722 Business Process Management & Innovation


Following completion of the written exams and all coursework, students are required to write and defend a dissertation in a selected area of concentration. It is expected that doctoral dissertations will make significant contributions to the creation of knowledge and the development of theory and practice in a selected area. The dissertation, and related research, counts for 18 credits and rounds out the 54-credit doctoral degree.