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College is a chance to choose your own adventure. Stevens students find their own unique brand of involvement - maybe you enjoy anime, gaming, networking, or building cars. The possibilities are endless and the Office of Undergraduate Student Life is here to help you explore your options. There are about 150 student organizations you can join, and many leadership development and service opportunities to participate in. Your journey at Stevens begins with our New Student Programs, and you will experience a few, wonderful traditions along the way. We support your opportunities to get involved and find your own unique story so that when you graduate, you can proudly say, "this is who I am, and this was my experience as a Stevens Duck." We are thrilled to help you begin a new chapter here at Stevens.


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Fraternity and Sorority Life at Stevens

Greek life at Stevens is defined by the successes of the more than 1,100 undergraduate members — roughly 37% of the undergrad population — who make up our fraternities and sororities.

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Civic Engagement & Community Service

The Office of Undergraduate Student Life at Stevens is committed to the mission of enriching learning by preparing students to be active global citizens by engaging them in meaningful service activities that enhance the quality of life for the local, national, and international communities, in addition to the impact that it has on them.

Civic Engagement
Civic Engagement

Student Leadership

​Stevens is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop and sharpen their leadership capacities.

Student Leadership
Student Leadership

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Need help exploring opportunities? The team at the Office of Undergraduate Student Life would love to meet with you. Feel free to learn more about the Student Life team and contact us. If you are not sure who to reach out to, you can also contact us at [email protected]