Our unique, four-year entrepreneurship coaching program for incoming first-year students is designed to transform budding talent into future leaders and game-changers.

iSTEM at Stevens logoThe [email protected] program has been established by a generous gift from distinguished engineer and Stevens Trustee Emilio A. Fernandez.

We take great pride in the work of our students; some of whom may become founders of multi-million dollar companies they created during the program, scientists working on breakthrough innovations or star employees at major corporations.

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How is [email protected] Unique?

At [email protected], not only do you learn how technology works, you get to reimagine it, build products of the future, and bring those products to market during your undergraduate curriculum.

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The Entrepreneurship Spine

Our multi-year training program will take you on a journey from an idea to a fully developed company or nonprofit with a combination of classes and independent studies woven into the curriculum.

How It Works

Building an impactful company is hard and complex, which is why our mentors will work alongside you in a highly personalized way to break down this complex task into weekly goals and measurable results. Our mentorship will ensure you are on track through regular meetings and interaction.

A graphic representation of the iSTEM program phases one, two, three, and four

Stage 1 - Program Kickoff:

Beginning first year, we work with you on small, hands-on projects to better understand your innate passions. We then connect that passion to societal needs, identify gaps that need solutions, and develop your “master” idea; an opportunity for invention with seeds of societal impact and growth.

Stage 2 - Invent:

[email protected]

As an [email protected] student, you'll move into the [email protected] portion of the iSTEM program where you'll learn specific technical skills to realize your invention. Throughout your sophomore and junior years, you will enroll in up to 6 credit hours learning technological entrepreneurship. With exclusive access to labs and mentors, you will experiment, iterate and build innovative solutions with the possibility of filing for a patent. Invention typically yields a rough prototype that embodies a marked improvement to the current technology.

Learn more about [email protected] >

Stage 3 - Build:

Continuing with [email protected], you'll build professional grade products and relate your breakthrough innovation to societal needs while learning valuable business skills like storytelling, sales and marketing. You'll build customer relationships, and poise your venture for hyper-growth.

Stage 4 - Launch:

You'll learn the legal mechanics of starting new ventures and raising capital, while building toward a career as a founder, researcher or a star employee.

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Who Can Join [email protected]?

[email protected] recruits high school students with an innate gift for making and doing, even if these gifts are not reflected in their grades. We place great emphasis on qualities like ambition, playfulness, grit, and passion above all else. Students who are relentless in their pursuit of projects and who excel at learning in a hands-on environment are encouraged for nomination.

Bryan Kyritz of Square One Jobs, a Launchpad at Stevens company.

We Invest In Your Dreams

[email protected] invests in your pursuit of excellence. At every stage, Stevens provides just the right amount of funding to help you leap to the next stage. Funding typically increases in the later stages as a venture starts to take shape and demands grow. 

[email protected] funds projects in the following ways:

  • Lab and equipment unique to your pursuit

  • Branding and marketing coaching

  • Legal incorporation for your company

  • Professional mentorship

  • Personal tutors for all of your courses

  • Project-related funding that may arise on a case-by-case-basis

What [email protected] Students Get

In addition to professional services covered by [email protected] funding, participants have access to:

  • Invitation-Only Courses: Get priority enrollment into invite-only courses centered around technology, leadership and business not typically offered at other universities.

  • Accelerated Masters Program:

  •  Beginning junior year, students can apply to the Accelerated Master's Program to earn a master's degree in just one additional year after their undergraduate degree.

  • Annual Retreats: Network with peers, experience a vibrant cultural experience available only in the New York metropolitan area.

  • Community: Students will be paired with a community of peer mentors and program alumni who provide timely and relevant advice on coursework, technology and life. 

ISTEM students with the President and Provost

Take the Next Step

Read our frequently asked questions about the [email protected] program and learn how to apply.

Our Portfolio

In just the past five years, students who have participated in the [email protected] program have created enterprises worth well over $36 million.

iubble Logo


Founded in 2014, iubble built a web-browser that made it easy to discover, organize and share web-content. Acquired in 2014 for $5M. Awarded Thomas Edison Patent Inventor award by state of NJ.

Noteworth logo


Noteworth enables healthcare systems to easily conceptualize, create and operationalize expansion of care. Founded in 2015, and secured $7M+ in seed funding.

Fintech Studios Logo

Fintech Studios

AI-based search and analytics platform for Wall Street. Formed in 2016, the company has raised millions in 2017 and is headed for a series-A.

DexterityDB Logo


DexterityDB is a database system written from the ground up and optimized for data analytics at hyperspeed. Launched in 2016, the company has now developed plugins for MySQL and MariaDB, and raised seed funding.

Secure Meeting Logo

Secure Meeting

This nonprofit delivers safe, easy and always-on meeting places for geographically dispersed participants. Launched in April 2018, this site has already hosted more than 1,000 meetings.

Mukundan Iyengar Associate Professor Mukundan Iyengar, Founder and DirectorStevens professor Mukund Iyengar provides students with the crucial link between great ideas and viable startup companies.

The [email protected] and [email protected] entrepreneurship programs are directed by Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Mukundan Iyengar, an Edison Patent Award winner and Founding-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Stevens Venture Center.

As a part of these programs, he has been involved in the creation of a dozen enterprises. His biggest learning to date has been one simple thing: If you are obsessed about connecting devices, you will invent protocols; but if you connect people with their desires, you will build businesses.  

Learn more about Dr. Iyengar >

Our community’s mission is to serve humanity through technological breakthroughs. We are helping students launch companies focused on creating a better world and a lasting legacy. – Mukund Iyengar