Seeking Help Off-Campus

Seeking Help Off-Campus

Part of living a balanced life as a student is caring for your emotional and behavioral well-being (aka mental health). So how do you care for your mental health? For starters, you make sure you have social support and coping skills to help you manage stress. In addition, you can boost your mental health by intervening early if you notice symptoms of distress (like depression or anxiety). If you find that you are struggling to manage your stress, or that symptoms of distress are piling up, this guide can help you locate off-campus professional help and support.


At times, CAPS will make a recommendation for treatment with an off-campus provider. We make every effort to help students and parents find quality treatment providers who will work with your insurance needs. Stevens is please to provide students with no-cost access to Welltrack Connect, a resource that allows you to search across many different variables to help you find a mental health provider that meets your needs. Students can access Welltrack Connect through the MyStevens homepage.

Please note that while CAPS can attest to the general effectiveness of mental health treatment, we do not guarantee the effectiveness of individual treatment providers. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of our students to screen potential treatment providers to assess whether the provider fits their particular needs.

Uwill at Stevens

Stevens Institute of Technology is pleased to partner with Uwill, to provide you with free and unlimited teletherapy with licensed mental health providers. This service is made possible through a generous grant from the New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education. Funding for this service is guaranteed through April 1, 2026. We hope Uwill will be a useful resource to many of you!

Teletherapy Outside New Jersey and New York

  • Access is quick and easy.  You may access Uwill by clicking on

  • There is no cost to use Uwill. Video, phone, chat and message-based therapy options will all be available to you

  • You should not need much help to enroll, but just in case, Uwill offers a quick start guide for Stevens students, as well as phone / email assistance at 1-833-998-9455 or [email protected]