Editorial Style Guide

2.0 Official Names and Places

2.1 Building Names

Always consult the following website for the correct official spellings and capitalization of Stevens building names:

Use the full official names of the following buildings, labs, theaters and classrooms on first reference in writing, and shorter forms in subsequent references:

First reference*

Second/subsequent references can use

the ABS Engineering Center

the ABS center

Kenneth J. Altorfer Academic Complex

the Altorfer Complex

the Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. Center for Business and Technology Management

the Babbio Center

the Burchard Building


Castle Point Hall


the Davidson Labratory

the Davidson Lab

the Grace E. and Kenneth W. DeBaun Auditorium

DeBaun Auditorium

DeBaun Field / DeBaun Athletic Complex [both are acceptable]


the Gateway Academic Center


the Griffith Building


the Hanlon Financial Systems Center (HFSC)

Financial Systems Center or HFSC

The Hanlon Financial Systems Lab

the Hanlon Lab

the Hanlon Lab for Analytics and Data Visualization

Hanlon 2

the Wesley J. Howe Center

the Howe Center

Hoxie House


Lore-El Center for Women's Leadership

Lore-El Center, Lore-El

the Morton-Peirce-Kidde Complex


the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. Athletic and Recreation Center

the Schaefer Center

Edwin A. Stevens Hall

EAS Building

The William Hall Walker Gymnasium

Walker Gym / Walker

the Ruesterholz Admissions Center

the Ruesterholz Center

S.C. Williams Library or Samuel C. Williams Library

Williams Library / the library

the University Center Complex

the UCC

*In event listings, social media content, alumni communications and internal communications only, short forms are allowed throughout.

When describing events held in rooms of a building, use the following listing convention: Building first, room number or name second.

2.2 Campus Events

The formal names of special events are capitalized:

  • Alumni Weekend

  • Commencement

  • Innovation Expo

  • Stevens Awards Gala

2.3 Departments, Schools and Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Majors and minors are always lowercase in running text.

  • He is a chemical biology major.

  • She studied quantitative finance.

  • Those graduate students are pursuing their degrees in systems engineering.


Capitalize specific departments when used as a proper name. If you refer generally to a department, it should be lowercase.

  • Department of Computer Science, the computer science department

  • Division of Human Resources, the human resources division

Note that academic departments in the School of Engineering and Science are headed by department "chairs" and no longer "directors" (the former designation for this role at Stevens).

If a professorship is an endowed chair, it must always be spelled out fully and capitalized, including the "The" before the chair name:

  • The Alexander Crombie Humphreys Chair in Economics of Engineering


Both "and" and "&" are acceptable forms of "and" in Stevens school names in some communications. When writing news stories and formal communications, however, always spell out "and." In graphic pieces, either is acceptable.

First reference

Acceptable on second reference

the Charles V. Schaefer, Jr. School of Engineering and Science

the Schaefer School / SES (no periods)

the School of Business

the School of Business / the business school / SSB

the School of Systems and Enterprises

SSE (no periods)

the College of Arts and Letters

CAL (no periods)


When writing for external audiences, the first reference to the university should use its full, proper name. Subsequent occurrences can simply refer to "Stevens."

  • Stevens Institute of Technology (first reference)

  • Stevens (subsequent references)

  • Mix "the university" in during subsequent references.

Never refer to the university as:

  • "the Stevens Institute of Technology" (exception for official documents issued from the Board of Trustees)

  • "SIT"

  • "Stevens Tech" (exception for the Stevens Alma Mater or other legacy titles and the hashtag #stevenstech)

  • "the Institute"

The word "university" is NOT capitalized, even when referring to Stevens. Only use when part of a university's official name.