Undergraduate Class Rank Information

Undergraduate Class Rank

How is Ranking GPA Calculated?

Per the Stevens Undergraduate Catalog, class rank is based on the Ranking GPA, which is calculated from ALL courses that are part of the degree requirements with the following conditions/exceptions:

  • Grades of W will not be included in the computation of Ranking GPA.

  • Grades for repeated courses (provided that the previous grade(s)are not W's) will be included in the Ranking GPA.

  • F's in Pass/Fail courses will count in the Ranking GPA.

  • Repeated courses taken outside of Stevens are calculated as a C.

The group in which a student is ranked is based on the expected graduation year. Those students that graduate in January will be grouped with those students that graduate the following May.

What is the Graduation GPA?

The Graduation GPA (Cumulative GPA) is used to track student academic performance, and it is this GPA that is posted on transcripts.

  • The Graduation GPA is calculated using the latest grade earned for a course.

  • Withdrawals are NOT included in the Graduation GPA nor are previous instances of repeated courses.

  • A Graduation GPA of 2.0 or better is required in order to qualify for an Undergraduate degree.

  • Courses that are not needed to fulfill Undergraduate degree requirements may be declared as Extra Course or Graduate Deferred Credit, the former removing the course from the Graduation GPA calculation and the latter shifting GPA impact of the course from the Undergraduate record to the Graduate Record. Only Graduate courses can be declared Graduate Deferred Credit and must be approved by Graduate Academics. Extra courses and deferred credit will not be changed after degree conferral.

If you believe your graduation term or major classification is incorrect, please contact the Registrar's Office.