Social Transition to College

It is important for students to be patient when it comes to their college social life. Students should learn what clubs and organizations Stevens offer to get involved with—there are a lot!  Students should not get too discouraged if it’s not going all that well by October. It’s common and natural that there are bumps along the way. It may take some time before that comfort with new surroundings and expectations takes hold for students

While it is typical to be concerned about the social transition to college, worrying about whether you will be accepted — whether your roommates will judge you because of the way you look, of where you are from, or because of your race or your religious views — living with a disability that can impact social interactions can add another layer of complexity to connecting with others on campus. For these reasons, the Office of Disability Services has created Connectivity Group. Connectivity group is a social meet-up group that brings students together who are interested in becoming more socially connected on campus. The group discusses individual goals at Stevens, career aspirations, interests outside of Stevens, and just about anything else of interest. These discussions take place while sharing pizza and participating in various activities like bowling, video games, or any additional fun activities the group can think of. Please contact the Office of Disability Services for more information about Connectivity Group!