Admission requirements

The master's program in Technology Management is for part-time students with significant work experience who are able to attend classes on campus every other Saturday. The degree takes less than two years to complete.

Application Deadlines

Because of the weekends-only nature of the program, the master's in Technology Management is considered a part-time degree. Therefore, applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can start the program in the spring or summer semesters, but it is strongly recommended that you enroll in the fall, so as to be fully immersed in the program's unique cohort experience.

Admission Criteria

The demanding nature of your coursework in this master's program requires you to have at least five years' professional experience. To be considered for admission, your application must also include the following. Because of the extensive work experience required for admission to this program, GMAT or GRE scores are not required. If you have taken either exam, you are encouraged to report your score, but it is not a requirement.