Financial Analytics Curriculum Overview

The Technology and Financial Analytics program has two concentrations:

• The Financial Data Science concentration focuses on Data Analysis and Machine Learning applications to Finance. 

• The Financial Technology concentration is focused on the newest technology emerging in recent years. 

As a student, you are required to choose one of the concentrations, and additionally customize your degree with a set of four elective courses, including the chance to pursue a structured specialization tailored to your career interests. A close collaboration between you and your faculty advisor will help you select the right classes for your future.  

Core Courses

These 9 credits are required for both concentrations. The students will learn fundamental data techniques, SQL, as well as machine learning techniques. FA582 and FE513 are first semester classes, while the capstone FA800 is to be completed in the last semester.


The students in the M.Sc. in Financial Technology and Analytics are required to choose one of the following two concentrations. Please expand to see the courses in each concentration.

In addition to the two courses above, choose one of the below.

And select one of the following three options.

Advanced Risk Analytics

In addition to the three courses below, you may select an elective of your choice. Consult your advisor for suggested courses that align with your professional goals.

Capstone Course or Master's Thesis

Students are required to complete a significant project as part of their Master experience. They can choose to complete the FA 800 Project in Financial Analytics during their final semester. They would work in teams often on projects offered by our industry partners.

Alternatively, the students may complete a thesis option. This means completing FA900 over two consecutive semesters. The project is going to be individual and will prepare the students in case they wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Data Science.