Enterprise Project Management Curriculum Overview

Program Curriculum

Professionals with strong technical skills play an invaluable role in the organization, but a lack of project management skills often means they’re passed over for promotions and struggle to distinguish themselves to upper management. The interdisciplinary master’s program in Enterprise Project Management will give you the skills and confidence you need to direct projects, budgets and timelines across the business.

Core Curriculum


The mission of the 30-credit master's program in Enterprise Project Management is to help you become a project manager capable of effectively leading people, projects and processes to accomplish complex tasks, drive change and make smarter decisions for the organization. The program's flexibility is designed to allow you to explore an area of professional interest to you, giving you a blend of leadership and business skills combined with a deep dive into a technical specialty.

You have a choice of three highly specialized concentrations that allow you to explore an in-demand area in greater depth. Each concentration consists of four three-credit courses.