Hanlon Financial Systems Center, Risk Management

Student with green notebook and red water bottle taking notes and reading off iPad Faculty research into detection and prevention of rare events and machine learning applications in risk management are powered by the high-tech software tools in the Hanlon Financial Systems Center.

Risk is an enormous and growing concern in finance — from investment, decision making, corporate management, security, catastrophe resilience and more. And the interconnected nature of markets and the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks has made risk a top-of-mind concern for investors and managers alike. At the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, researchers rely upon economics, stochastic modeling, dependence modeling and data mining to better understand, plan for and manage risk in finance. Faculty are investigating market liquidity measures, stochastic volatility modeling, detection and prevention of rare events and applications of machine learning in risk management. The advanced software tools and databases provided through the Hanlon lab facilities support the resting of new research ideas and the quantifying of risk.